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Company Profile

Construction Services Ltd was established in 1988, the company specializes in importing and marketing of innovative systems and accessories to the construction industry 
Construction Services provides engineering solutions to the prefabricated elements industry, the construction site and infrastructure projects. .
The founder and director Civil Engineer Yochi Grosswirth introduced innovative products to the construction industry, for example transport anchors for precast elements, developing semi dry stone cladding for "Jerusalem stone".
Yochi Grosswirth brings with him many years of experience of managing complex construction projects.

Advantages of Construction services:

• We at Construction services ltd, not only sell accessories but a package that includes consulting for optimal use of different systems, planning and determining the required systems or accessories.

• Many years of experience in all areas of the construction industry that brings a rich and extensive knowhow providing engineering solutions.

• The company represents well-known companies and leading manufacturers from Europe, USA and Japan. Products to meet complex requirements as well as safety requirements.

• Most of the accessories we import are "Made in Germany" when the emphasis is on quality and reliability.

• All accessories meet the requirements of ISO 9000 and various European standards EN, DIN ,And American ASTM

• We at Construction services focus on tracking the innovations, and up to date solutions in our market.

The company offers numerous products and systems:

• transportation systems prefabricated elements
• mounting and connection systems for prefabricated elements.
• Re-enforcement couplers for re-bar continuity.
• Magnets for fixing stoppers in formworks.
• Profiles for expansion joints.
• braces.
• Concrete and plastic spacers.
• Accessories for casting joints.
• Anchor channels.
• Construction channels.
• Formwork liners.
• Special Formworks.
• Formworks accessories.

Our customers:
Industry-Leading prefabricated - Akerstein Industries, Wolfman Industries , Minrav prefabricated division , Solel Boneh, Ramet-trom and many more.
Construction- Leading in building- Electra Construction, ASHTROM, Danya Cebus and many more.